What They’re Saying

Brickhouse Growers has supplied me with such a variety of excellent products I have gone so far as to design entire menu items around their microgreens in order to feature as many of them as possible on our menu.

Before finding Brickhouse Growers, I worked with many other local growers and was never satisfied with the quality and consistency of their products. They suffered from poor shelf life, inconsistent inventory, lack of year-round quality, and bad communication. Brickhouse Growers, from day one, have always provided excellent service and an even better product.

Eric StritterExecutive Chef - Yuki Yama

There is no other supplier locally that can compete with Brickhouse microgreens- they are delivered on time, in excellent condition, with outstanding shelf life. Brickhouse Growers, without question, offers superb quality, specialty microgreens, and excellent customer service.

Galan ZamarraExecutive Chef - The Lodge and Blue Sky

Having experienced many other producers’ micro greens, I bristle at the thought of having to buy them when I fail to order enough from Brickhouse Growers. Their quality is second to none, there is no variability in sizing, and they seem to last an eternity thanks to how freshly harvested they are.

The culinary community and I are proud to use their products as they are of higher quality than anything available, locally or from broad line distributors

Matthew SafranekExecutive Chef - 350 Main The Spur Bar and Grill

Brickhouse Growers’ product is so unique in many different ways. I’ve been in the industry 20+ years and I have never met farmers who care as much about the details as they do.

Marco NiccoMarco Nicco