Brick House Growers

Founded in 2018, Brickhouse Growers set out to grow a carefully curated set of microgreens that would help chef’s elevate their dishes.

We noticed that greens were being shipped in from various states and shelf life was often a weak point in our local chef’s kitchens. We set out to provide a hyper local product that would not only save our chef’s money but would provide a superior product for their discerning patrons

How We Grow

We grow vertically, indoors, 365 days a year. Our chef’s rely on consistency year-round and this allows us to grow the same crops season to season.

Humble Beginnings

Our beginnings were humble, retrofitting a backyard shed, but our goal has been the same since the beginning, and that was to provide chef’s with the most flavorful, attractive, and consistent product from day one.